Whatever the nature and mix of your fleet and equipment, we can supply products ranging from basic lubricants through to highly advanced formulations designed to meet the latest American Petroleum Institute (A.P.I.) standard and those required by European Automobile Manufacturers (A.C.E.A).

The Oilswell range of transport and plant engine oils are formulated from the highest quality synthetic and mineral oils combined with the latest technology additives to provide maximum protection for diesel and petrol engines including turbo-charged working in the most arduous conditions and limits of performance.
Selection of the correct engine oils in line with the manufacturers recommendations and service requirements will give the following benefits;
  • Extended Drain Periods
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Reduced Wear
  • Protection from Combustion Containments
  • Ease of Cold Start combined with Rapid Circulation
  • Low Emissions
  • High level of engine cleanliness

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Maxifleet 15W/40 20L
Maxifleet 15W/40 20L

Our Price: £53.50

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