Eco Absorb Oil Pads -100

Double thickness, Oil & Fuel pad

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Double thickness, Oil & Fuel pad which can be used indoors or outdoors. Due to its hydrophobic properties the BOB100FL pad will repel water and deal confidently with oil and fuel spills both indoors and outside. The BOB100FL is a mid-range pad and an excellent choice for dealing with spills and for placing under leaking machinery. The pack of 100 BOB100FL’s are poly-wrapped which means they stay clean and uncontaminated until needed, reducing both the cost of packaging and disposal. The pack has the ability to absorb up to 120 Litres of fluid. It should be noted that due to its inability to soak up water, the BOB100FL will not absorb water based fluids. Dimensions: 39cm x 48cm Absorbent Capacity: 120L Pack Size: 100