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Many 4 stroke motorcycles have shared engine and gearbox oil supply which necessitates the need for a lubricant to perform a specific role in lubricating the engine, whilst also ensuring precise clutch engagement with no slippage. There are many misconceptions regarding the suitability of products and which oils are able to perform effectively under these conditions. To say Ďa synthetic oil will cause clutch slipí is simply incorrect and a proper synthetic motorcycle engine oil is the best possible product for most applications. Where the confusion has arisen in many cases is the use of incorrectly specified oils such as automotive lubricants being used in motorcycle applications. There is a specific Motorcycle specification that ensures that a lubricant will perform effectively under all conditions and that is the JASO specification. In the case of 4 stroke engines please seek out JASO MA or MA2 to ensure clutch compatibility. All appropriate Oilswell products meet or exceed the specifications set out by JASO and in the case of the 4 stroke engine oils many also meet the very latest JASO MA2 spec.

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optima 10w/60
optima 10w/60

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